Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cult Movie Night At My House With Bloody Mary's

Back in May I had another Cult Movie Night at my house. The theme this time was Body Parts; due to the three films that were shown (Blood FeastRe-Animator and Motel Hell). There were no animal body parts (this was purely a vegan event) - just human (fake, of course). I made a giant spread which included Bloody Mary's, scones, various dips, stuffed potato skins, polenta fries, seitan ribz, peanut butter cookies, cold seasoned buckwheat noodles (shaped in a brain jello mold), etc. I also made Kamikaze shots served in test tubes. 

I detest REAL violence, but I LOVE horror movies. Here is the flyer I made and some pics of the table (the lighting is a little weird due to the black lights) but most of the food was gone by the time these pics were taken. 


I served my Bloody Mary's in a creepy punch bowl with skulls on the sides and a ladle shaped like a hand (bones only). I had eye balls (non-edible, similar to ping-pong balls) floating on top. You could use this idea for a Halloween Party. 

I wanted the Bloody Mary's to be spicy. I would advise you add the spicy elements a little at a time and sample as you go so that you get the perfect balance for your palate. 

Here's what I put in it: 

Tomato Juice
Fresh ground Pepper
Wasabi Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Various hot sauces
Sea Salt
Lemon Juice
Sliced lemons to float on top 

Garnish (optional and served on the side)

Sliced Lemons
Sliced Limes
Oversized Stuffed Green Olives
Celery Sticks
Sea Salt
Coarse Black Pepper
Hot Sauce
More vodka


vegan blog tracker said...

Holy crap! Your party sounds and looks incredible. I wish you were in my circle of friends - my roommate would especially love it.

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