Sunday, March 30, 2008

Animal Rights 2008 National Conference

Hey fellow vegans - 

Are any of you going to the Animal Rights 2008 National Conference in August (14th-18th) right outside of DC? My husband and I bought our tickets yesterday.  The sooner you sign up the cheaper the tickets. The hotel that is hosting the conference is offering extremely affordable room rates. Getting there is the expensive part. If you come across cheap airfare please let me know!! 

At the conference Dennis Kucinich will be presenting along with around 9o other speakers. There will be workshops, video presentations, activism outreach, vegan food and shopping!! 

I'd love to hook up with fellow bloggers, vegan enthusiasts, readers of my blog, etc. at the conference. If you plan on going let me know! We can hang out and stir things up. 


Provoked said...

Eric Marcus Podcast:

In the wake of the HSUS Chino slaughterhouse investigation, several members of Congress are now calling for video cameras to be installed at slaughterhouses. Naturally, the USDA is dead set against this. Here’s an opportunity to grab ahold of this issue and take advantage of this window of opportunity

It's unanimously agreed (if veg*an or not) that the animal agriculture industries from factory farms to the arbittior has "fox in the hen house status". This pending legislation is pivotal on many levels of reasoning: Of course for the welfare of the animals, for "food" safety, and lastly, because

if slaughterhouses had glass walls we would all be vegetarian" Paul McCartney

Video cameras is certainly a step in a better direction for all concerned.... Ahhh.... except for the meat industry that is.

Spreading the word on this would be a great help -

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Heather Z said...

Dennis Kucinich wasn't there. I heard he was going to be there, but that was wrong.